Are your hunts guaranteed?

Our hunts are 100% GUARANTEED! If for some reason we can’t get you on the Safari Club International (SCI) trophy of your dreams we won’t charge you anything, and will invite you back to try again.

Where are you located?

We are in Western Kentucky located approximately one hour northwest of Bowling Green, KY and an hour and a half west of Louisville, KY.

What is the easiest way to get to your farm?

Many of our hunters choose to drive in, but if you wish to fly there are many available flights in and out of Nashville (2 hrs) or Louisville (1.5 hr) away.

Are children allowed to hunt?

Yes, absolutely! We endorse bringing up the next generation of hunters and welcome children. We don’t have any specific minimum age; however, we require that the child be proficient with the weapon of choice and be accompanied by adult parent or guardian when weapons are being handled.

I am a physically challenged hunter. Can I still hunt at KTD?

We are up to the challenge. We will make every accommodation practical to make your hunt a success! Please let us know before you book what limitations you have so that we can plan for your hunt accordingly.

What if the weather does not cooperate during my hunt?

While we can’t control the weather, we do everything possible to make your trip a success. We have actually killed some of our best deer during inclement weather. We use covered UTVs to transport you and our tower blinds are enclosed and heated.

What is a preserve hunt?

A preserve is a managed, fenced hunting area which allows us to oversee the deer population, introduce selected genetics, eliminate poaching and control natural predation. Our hunting preserve is 300 acres and is surrounded by a contiguous perimeter fence that is approximately 4 1/2 linear miles of fence.

Why should I consider a preserve hunt?

Preserve hunts allow the hunter to maximize time spent in the field. Many private ranch hunters can attest to the fact that they spend most of the year feeding, managing property, scouting, controlling predators, keeping trespassers out, etc.

Reservations & Payment

How much of a deposit do I need to make to schedule a hunt?

We ask that a deposit of $1,000.00 per hunter be made when we book the reservation. The deposit is credited towards your overall hunt price. 

What if an emergency prevents me from coming?

We will do our best to accommodate you on another date close to your original schedule. If that is not possible, we can move your deposit to another date in the next hunting season with no penalty.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards*, cash and cashier’s checks. *Credit card payments require an additional 3% which is charged by the bank at transaction time. Deposits made via credit card prior to your hunt DO NOT incur the transaction fee.

Do I need to have a non-resident Kentucky hunting license?

No, since Kentucky Trophy Deer, LLC is permitted by the State of Kentucky we are not required to have a State hunting license.

Are there any other charges besides the trophy fee?

No, we only charge you based upon the SCI score of the deer you take. The bank charges an additional 3% service charge to any credit card payment at the time of transaction. Everything is included in our price except gratuity for your guide.

Camp & Lodging

What do I need to bring with me?

Just your clothing, toiletries, weapon of choice and desire to have a great time! We supply all other items needed such as pillows, linens, towels etc.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, we recognize that having spouses, children, friends, etc. along is part of the overall experience. Each hunting guest may bring ONE non-hunting companion along at no additional charge (lodging space pending). Please let us know when you make your reservations how many will be attending.

What type of food is provided?

We provide two home cooked meals each day. Breakfast is typically after the morning hunt and dinner in the early evening. We will have coffee, juice, milk, soft drinks and water available before you head out in the morning. There are always sandwiches, chips and snacks available for lunch or any other time you may get hungry.

What if I have special dietary considerations?

Please let us know as soon as possible if there are special dietary restrictions or requirements which you may have. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs while in camp.

Are adult beverages provided?

Yes, we have a great selection of beer, wine and spirits available for you, once your hunt has concluded for the day. Guests like to get together in the evenings and get to know one another while enjoying the bar and game room or fire pit area.

Do you have WiFi at the camp?

Yes, our lodge area has WiFi. We also get relatively good phone service at the camp (dependent upon your service provider’s network in the area).

What other activities are available while I am on my hunt?

We have a workout room so that you can remain on your training regimen while in camp. We also have a game room featuring billiards and shuffleboard or enjoy a game of "corn hole" on the proch with your friends.

Hunting & Equipment

What is the minimum caliber of rifle that you allow?

We don’t specify a minimum caliber, but suggest a centerfire rifle cartridge of .24 caliber or greater with a bullet designed for taking deer-sized big game.

Can I bring more than one weapon?

Yes, you are welcome to bring multiple weapons. In fact, you could bring two weapons on one hunt if you like (e.g., bow and rifle).

What distances can I expect for a rifle shot?

The average shot is 100-150 yards; although, we certainly take many deer closer than that. Most blinds have a maximum shooting distance of about 250 yards. We try to keep our shooting distances within the skill level of the hunter.

Do you have a shooting range?

Yes, there is a bench with a lead sled at the lodge which can be used to make sure your rifle is still on target. We also have bow targets available and a ladder stand set up to take practice shots.

What types of hunting blinds do you utilize in your operation?

We have a number of custom tower blinds, box blinds, two-man ladder stands, and ground blinds that we can utilize to help you get your buck. The ladder stands and ground blinds are typically used when we have a specific situation like bow-hunting or pistol hunting that requires the hunter to be in closer to the game.

Am I limited to one deer?

No, you are welcome to continue to hunt if you would like the chance to take an additional deer.

What times do you typically hunt?

We try to pattern our schedule based upon the animal movements. We head out for morning hunts before daylight and usually come in for breakfast mid-morning. Afternoon hunts are typically planned for late afternoon; usually staying on stand until dark.

How do I get to the field for hunts?

Your guide will transport you to and from the field in one of our utility vehicles. We utilize covered UTVs with windshields to make you as comfortable as possible while traveling to and from the field.

Trophy Care & SCI Scoring

What happens after my deer is down?

KTD staff will retrieve your buck and transport him to the skinning shed where he will be skinned and quartered to transport. Meat can be place in a cooler on ice for you to take home.

Can you process my deer?

No, but there are commercial processors in the area that can help you.

Do you provide taxidermy services?

No, but we work closely with an experienced local taxidermist (Shane Hall 270-256-2912). If you are planning to take your trophy elsewhere for taxidermy, we can cape out your head and provide critical measurements for your taxidermist.

Am I limited to the SCI Score range I indicated when I booked?

No, we try to determine what type of trophy our guest is looking for before the hunt so that we can best help the hunter find the deer they desire. Many hunters may decide to take a smaller or larger deer when they are actually out hunting.

Who is responsible for judging the SCI score of a deer?

Your KTD guide is responsible to field score deer while hunting! You will never be charged more than the estimated field score of your deer.

Can you give me an idea of how the field scoring works?

For instance, while hunting your guide estimates a deer at 155” (a 150s class). Once the deer is down he is measured at 171” (a 170s class). You still only pay the 150s price!

Where can I find SCI scoring information for whitetail deer?

You can find all information for the Safari Club International (SCI) scoring methods online; however, here are links to the score sheets for whitetail deer. Typical WT deer - Method_17-T.pdf and Non-typical WT deer - Method_18-NT.pdf.


Do you have a brochure that you can send to me?

Yes, we have an electronic pdf brochure that can be downloaded HERE or we can send you a full color glossy hardcopy brochure if you request one from the following email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


High SCI Scoring Bucks

High SCI Score Symmetrical Typical Bucks

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